Bin-long Pan
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Bin-long Pan is an actor and crosstalk comedian in the mainland of China. He trained under crosstalk performer Feng Gong and theatrical performance art educator Chang Li. He graduated from the Crosstalk Performance Class at The Central Academy of Drama. In 2013, he starred in the dark comedy film "Running All the Way". In 2014, he starred in the film "Jian Bing Man" as Da Peng's assistant, Dong Cheng Long. In 2016, he participated in "Joyful Comedians Season 2" and won first place for his sketch "Father" with Cui Zhi Jia, garnering even more attention. In 2018, Bin-long Pan participated in the comedy film "A Cool Fish". In December, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award in the 10th Macau International Movie Festival for the film "A Cool Fish".