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The Big Band Season 2 2020-08-15 Ep 7 Part 1 The brainwashing song is coming

2020-10-14 Episodes
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Forget about their past! Whether they’re veterans or nobodies, in this season of The Big Band, their existing labels won’t matter! Their passion for music is the only reason and answer to how far they’ll go. Superstars are coming!
EP15 Part2 Charlie Zhou and Wang Feng hit the stage.The Big Band Season 2 2020-09-01 Extra 1EP15 Part1 (1) The HOT 5 bands come out in the final.EP15 Part1 (2) The HOT 5 bands come out in the final.Ep14 Part I The premier of Wu Tiao Ren’s new song in the semifinal Episode 14 Part II The explosion of New Pants’ dance soul in the opening performanceEp 13 Part 1 Battle for Return of Wu Tiao Ren and Queen sea big sharkEp 13 Part 2 Hedgehog’s Cheer Is LitEp 12 Part 1 THE BIG WAVE JIAN LI Wrote a Song to Keep Xing XingEp 12 Part 2 MOSAIC‘s Confession to Ex-girlfriendEP11 Part 1 Re-TROS & Mandarin Adapt Zhou Xun's Classic SongEP11 Part 2 THE BIG WAVE Refreshes Mind with SuonaEp10 Part 1 Qin Xiaoxian and THE BIG WAVE diving togetherEp10 Part 2 Shangguan Xiai and Mosaic are dancing from beginning to endEp9 Part 1 Re-TROS sings in antiphonal style impressively.Ep 9 Part2 Wu Tiao Ren comes back to the PK again.Ep8 Part 1 MUMA has a face-off with the Dada with “Later”Ep8 Part 2 Wild Children changes to another song and decides to quit? Ep 7 Part 1 The brainwashing song is comingEp 7 Part 2 The bands recompose the songs magically.Ep 6 Wu Tiao Ren comes back to fight for the qualification of resurrection.Ep 5 “Mammoth” sung by Queen sea big shark is super furious.Ep4 Wild Children’s Singing Moves Zhou Xun to TearsEp3 The Re-formed Band Returns to Rock the House Ep2 The old band lights up the atmosphere of the entire audienceEp1 33 bands start group elimination