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EP5 Kinn and Porsche were kidnappedSay hi like the heirThink of me when you need someonePeople who HIDE their feelings usually CARE the most | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteAlways bad for the first timeHe's not your only bodyguardPete's message | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteMafia Kindergarten has started... | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteYou can't sit with usis this your first time?Mile Apo... | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteI kissed somebody last nightKinnPorsche The Series Is Calling YouDon't tease meYou are different when you are drunkI want you to regretThank you for saving my lifeRoad to KinnPorsche The SeriesWhen the heir hits the clubVegas : Incomprehensible aspiration | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteDress-up for PorscheA shot to test your courageWho killed my fish!A revenge for my kidsYou make me embarassedI will consume you "Vegas Pete" | KinnPorsche The Series La ForteWhy you have to kidnap me?Let me work on thisWhat is happiness?50KAre you jealous?I am hungrySecond Family MealPromise that you will be backI want to be a singerI want you to be happyPolite but hot is MEChoose like a bodyguard