Ep11 Part2 Fan Kaijie is in rock styleEp11 Part1 LAY plays the Guzheng "in drink"Ep10 Part2 Vinida is so awesomeEp10 Part1 New-generation singers fight for the finalEp9 Part2 LAY praises Ziyi Wang for his maturityEp9 Part1 Vinida shows vocal strengthEp8 Part2 New-generation singer songwriters' challengeEp8 Part1 Jun Zheng urges LAY to fall in loveEp 7 Part 2 LAY's rap song in Changshanese is stunningEp 7 Part 1 Unlock the next demo in advance!Ep6 Part2 Jun Zheng declares that the wife is an enemyEp6 Part1 LAY performs Mongolian dance and song to battle with GAIEp5 Part2 GAI sang a love song completely different from his music styleEp5 Part1 Zheng Jun performed a characteristic rock song againEp4 Part2 Zheng Jun pays homage to youthEp4 Part1 LAY battles with GAI againEp3 Part 2 The mysterious replacement singer has a wild voiceEp3 Part 1 LAY’s got a trick up his sleeveEp2 Part2 GAI's new rock song VS Zheng Jun'sEp2 Part 1 Lay trys out a brand new music styleEp1 Part2 GAI’s Chinese-style rap pushes it to a new levelEp1 Part1 LAY’s clown performance is on fire

CZR 2 - I'm Singer-Songwriter

RegionChinese Mainland
HostChe Che
DescriptionStarring the popular EXO member LAY, I am a singer-songwriter is an original singing competition show presented by Iqiyi. Now it returns for season two after the first season went viral in 2019. The eight singer-songwriters we’ve invited to the first episode are LAY, Zheng Jun, Chen Li, GAI, Huo Zun, Fan Kaijie, MADI, and Switch GodLes. Stay tuned for more singers and more amazing original music!

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