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All Planet Guardian review these Girls' amzing show together!

‘Girls Planet 999’-Stage Shot

Exclusive: "Shine"Exclusive: "Another Dream"Exclusive: "O.O.O" Final StageSpecial performance: "Shoot"Special performance: "Snake"Special performance: "Utopia"Special performance: "U+Me=Love""O.O.O" mission direct cam: Team 1"O.O.O" mission direct cam: Team 2"O.O.O" mission direct cam: Team 3"Sanke" full versionPerformance Clip: <Snake>"Shoot" full versionPerformance Clip: <Shoot>"Utopia" full versionPerformance Clip: <Utopia>"U+Me=LOVE" full versionPerformance Clip: <U+Me=LOVE>“Ice Cream”_Full ver“We are”_Full ver“No Excuses”_Full ver“Missing You”_Full verPerformance Clip: “Ice Cream”Performance only:“Missing You”Performance Clip: “No Excuses”Performance Clip: “We Are”《YES or YES》Special Stage《The Eve》_Full verTeam1《FIESTA》_Full verTeam1《SSFWL》_Full verTeam2《SSFWL》_Full verTeam2《FIESTA》_Full ver《MIC Drop》_Full ver《Pretty U》_Full ver《The Eve》《MIC Drop》Performance only:《Pretty U》Performance only:《SSFWL》team2《SSFWL》team1Performance only:《FIESTA》team1Performance only:《FIESTA》team2Team 2 <YES or YES> Full ver.Team 1 <YES or YES> Full ver.Team 2 <How You Like That> Full ver.Team 1 <How You Like That> Full ver.Performance only : <How You Like That> team1Performance only : <How You Like That> team2Performance only : <YES OR YES>team2Performance only : <YES OR YES>team1《Snapping》《gogobebe》《1000% - SummerWish》《Siren》《LATATA》《Whatta Man(Good man) 》《Boogie Up》《Maria》《I CAN'T STOP ME》《Bubble Pop!》《Bounce Back》