YinYang Painted Skin (Thai ver.)

Butiran | YinYang Painted Skin (Thai ver.)

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The snake demon Li Qing and the spider spirit Qi Luo are controlled by a thousand-year-old ghost woman who practices the black magic of Yin, luring lustful people and sucking their souls for her use. It was not until Li Qing fell in love with Wang Sheng at first sight in a rundown temple where she was impressed by his love and loyalty to his wife. Li Qing felt the existence of true love from Wang Sheng. Qi Luo was disdained, what love? What human? What is love to the extreme? They're all lust driven! Qi Luo told her sister that the so-called love of mortals is only superficial, and you and I have seen many lustful people in these centuries. However, no matter how much Qi Luo tried to discourage her, Li Qing still persisted...
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Tonton Kemudian
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