Yi Mei Returns

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During the Wanli period, the talented hero Mr. Yi Mei is ordered to go to a remote mountain village to eliminate demons. On his way there, he runs into a demon causing troubles. As he is about to subdue him, he realizes the demon is his junior Tian Zhen, who he hasn’t seen for years. Despite knowing how treacherous a journey it is, Tian Zhen tags along with Yi Mei. In a mysterious ancient town where demons are rampant, the people are in dire straits. Mr. Yi Mei exposes the demons’ true colors and leads his troops to fight back to protect the local area. To his dismay, his backup Minister Wang defects to the enemy and counterattacks him. Attacked from both sides, Mr. Yi Mei is trapped in a desperate situation. With a strong army, the evil sect’s leader encroaches on the ancient town steadily. Mr. Yi Mei risks his life and goes all out against the evil sect. In the whirlwind of lightning and flint, Mr. Yi Mei defeats the evil sect’s leader with his superior skills, maintaining peace in the country.
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