Wondering in Twilight

Butiran | Wondering in Twilight

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Three years ago, 16-year-old Chen changkai started his high school life in Tianjin from Shandong. As a result of his poor academic performance in senior three, he began to take the art examination for editing and directing. In Beijing, he met Shao Hanbing, who also took the art examination and had a strong dream of directing. Chen changkai traveled to Beijing, Tianjin and Changchun to take exams in various schools, hoping to get a certificate. However, Shao Hanbing has broken away from his father in his hometown, insisted on pursuing an art career, stayed in Beijing, insisted on applying for the Central Academy of drama and other schools, looking for his own world. Faced with the reality of helplessness, teenagers' dreams, anxiety and numbness are intertwined, stumbling, like roaming in the dim light.
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Tonton Kemudian
Tonton Kemudian
Senarai episod 1-1