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Kim Eun-hye-III

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The Korean version of <Why R U>. Lee Won and Ji Oh are two beings from a different world. Ever since the university admission, their persistent enemy-like relationship has continued. Less did they know that those two would end up in a BL novel. Embarrassed by the unexpected remark of his younger sister and BL writer, Lee Jin, Lee Won makes an unusual oath. Either it’s the curse of the BL novel, but he and Ji Oh have become partners in an acting class. Ji Oh is strangely obsessed with bullying Lee Won. As he keeps getting involved with the person he wants to avoid, Lee Won believes that the BL novel is turning into reality. Sun Woo resents the news of Do Yeon and Yu Gyeom dating. Sun Woo drunk called him when Yu Gym didn’t show up at Do Yeon’s birthday party. Somehow, he wakes up the next day and finds Yu Gyeom in the same bed.
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