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"Warm on a Cold Night" is an period romance drama directed by Lee Wai Chu ("Palace: The Lock Heart Jade"), along with Deng Weien ("Untouchable Lovers") and Huang Bin ("The Song of Glory"), starring Li Yitong ("The Legend of the Condor Heroes") and Bi Wenjun ("In a Class of Her Own"), He Ruixian ("Winter Begonia") and Chen Heyi ("You Are My Glory"), with a special appearance by Wang Maolei ("Story of Yanxi Palace"). The drama tells the story of Su Jiu'er (played by Li Yitong), a female constable of the Qian country who is scared of cold, and Han Zheng (played by Bi Wenjun), the warm young master of the Qi clan, who meet because of a strange murder case concerning the relationship between the two clans and form a partnership of two people with a huge warmth difference. They work together to go through the fog and find the truth under. At the same time, they also dissolve the crisis their families are facing. The drama will be broadcast online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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