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Đạo diễn

Lian Yuzhe

Diễn viên chính

Huang Cheng Bang, Xuan

Miêu tả

The owner of a creative and retro restaurant, Gu Jing, opens his restaurant anytime he wants, and because of his great cooking, customers always come to grab a table at the first opportunity. Gu Jing finds that there is always a boy who can get the quietest seat, and that boy is Liu Li. Liu Li is a writer of gay-themed novels who rents a room just upstairs from Gu Jing's restaurant and is the first to come in whenever it is open. Liu Li's latest love interests have become the heroes of his novels, but they often break up with him within a month. Gu Jing starts to send Liu Li a limited bowl of spicy beef noodles on his break-up cday, thinking that Liu Li's brain is like a bowl of rich soup that is worth studying. For Liu Li, Gu Jing has become the person in whom he confides, the person who keeps him company during the break-up. But Liu Li gradually realizes that his fantasies may be ditterent from reality...
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