Unintentional Love Story

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10 Episodes


It started with an ulterior motive, but falling in love is not part of the plan! The heartwarming romance between two men who fall in love and regain trust in a relationship that started with a lie. In the second year of employment, Ji Won-Young, an employee of the general affairs department of the Tae Pyeong Group, is implicated in the shady dealings of his immediate superior and is dismissed from his position. In order to escape from the complicated reality, Won-Young goes on a trip to Gangneung. After breaking a tableware that was treasured by the owner of the hotel where he was staying, he went to a tableware store to buy a replacement. He even changed his name to Cha Joo Hyun. Tae-Joon who lives as the owner of a small tableware store called Moon Pot in Gangneung Youth Mall, suddenly disappeared two years ago. When Won-Young learns that the chairman of the Pacific Group wants to sign an exclusive contract with Tae-Joon, he starts to approach Tae Joon in order to get his job back. But the more time they spend together, the more Won-Young is attracted to Tae-Joon, and Tae-Joon also grows fond of the cheerful and gentle Yuan-Ying...
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Episodes 1-10