Unforgotten Night

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12 episódios


It tells the story of an encounter between a mafia boss and a sad youth that happens on a night when Kim needs an embrace, when they discover how their true needs can be fulfilled, and when the mafia boss Kamol realizes his desire to have Kim for himself. Kim, a 25-year-old office worker, has been hopelessly in love with his school senior Day since they first met. To forget about Day, Kim decides to have a one-night stand with a stranger at a bar. What he doesn’t know is that this stranger would fall in love with him to an irrevocable extent. Kamol, a 30-year-old mafia member, has some unique sexual needs, so he constantly seeks new sexual partners, but none has been able to satisfy him. One night, he runs into Kim, who perfectly satisfies his needs. It is then that Kamol is determined to make Kim his own and begins to pursue him.
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Episódios 1-12