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Unforgettable Love (2021) -A love story between He Qiaoyan (played by Miles Wei), CEO of He’s Group, and Qin Yiyue (played by Hu Yixuan), a child psychologist. In the beginning, they start a contract marriage to help He Qiaoyan’s young child Poppet (played by Sun Sicheng) walk out of the PTSD from a car accident a long time ago. But later on, with the help of Poppet, the distant, indifferent CEO and the passionate, considerate child psychologist gradually fall in love with each other. He Qiaoyan likes to resort to money for all his problems. He is also a successful businessman who only believes in numbers. Qin Yiyue is a kind and optimistic child phycologist. Come and watch how a bossy CEO pursues a cute young girl with the help of an extremely adorable child. Perfect and Casual, another romantic series starring Miles Wei, is also available on iQIYI. Please stay tuned!

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Unforget, unforget
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Episodes 1-24