Butiran | Typhoon

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Ten years ago, Zhang Yifan, the captain of the rescue team, took his family to the beach for a vacation. However, unexpectedly a sudden typhoon came and they were met with a car accident on their way back. Zhang Yifan did his best to rescue those who were injured, but his own son was accidentally killed by a landslide. Over the past ten years, his son's death has made him slightly crazy and overprotective of his daughter. His wife, Liu Lijie, could not deal with with his decrepit state and filed for divorce. On the day of his daughter's 18th birthday, Zhang Yifan wanted to take the opportunity to salvage his family, yet an unprecedented typhoon hit, and his wife was trapped by the typhoon and his daughter was kidnapped and held hostage by Wang, the owner of a chemical factory with ulterior motives. Faced with this natural disaster, Zhang Yifan had no choice but to embark on a journey to rescue his wife and daughter in the typhoon.
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Tonton Kemudian
Tonton Kemudian
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