Two Worlds

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When Kram had to lose a beloved one like Phupha. He decides to go to Magical Moon Pond. A pond that has a legend where the dead can be resurrection Thereby, He fell into a pond and crossed over to a parallel world that was almost identical to his world. But only in that other world, Phupha is still alive! Kram wants to fix the past so that he can’t save Phupha's life in the other world. He had to be reluctant to ask for help from Tai, a mysterious, straight-faced man to save Phupha. In the end, Tai agreed to help him. But while they were together Kram's heart beat faster and faster with Tai!! In addition, Thai seems to have a heart for Kram as well! Will Kram save Phupha's life? And will he could love Tai who is in a different world from him? Mixed with the most exciting action and intense drama scenes in "Two Worlds".
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Episódios 1-10