The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy

details | The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy

1 h 21 m


A hundred years ago, the ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect, Master Zhang, fought with the leader of the Inhumans, Emperor Yu, for seven days and seven nights, and sealed the Inhumans' weapon "Jiu Li" in the Immortal Sword Sect. A hundred years later, Zhang Zhilin, a disciple of the Immortal Sword Sect, drew up a plan to let the subordinates of the Emperor steal the fake Ziqing Swords. Zhang Zhilin's uncle fights against the Emperor, but he is outnumbered and the seal of Jiu Li is broken! Zhang Zhilin and Shen Yun know that the situation is urgent and close down to cultivate the double swords of the Purple Sun and the Blue Underworld. After much suspicion, Shen Yun sees Zhang Zhilin sacrificing his life to save him, and the two of them grow closdr with each other and finally succeed in combining their swords, sweeping the sky and defeating the Emperor!
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