The Weird Forest

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1 h 43 m
Chinese MainlandMysteryDramaThrillerAdventureSupernatural


Ma Hengyuan led the group into the forbidden area of Changbai Mountain in search of a train. Along the way, Beibatian, driven by greed and foolishness, refused to follow the rules of the old forest. During a break, he caused chaos in the camp, and in his attempt to escape, he stumbled upon an underground cave. One by one, the bandits were consumed by the cave. Later, Catwoman and Tiger appeared, rescuing Ma Hengyuan and the others from the perilous cave area. The surviving group entered Longxing Village and discovered that they were in the midst of a funeral. The bandit Lachu, driven by lust, insulted the "corpse," leaving the villagers too afraid to speak up. The village chief arranged for the group to stay in the ancestral hall and warned them not to go out at night. However, the group regarded the village chief as ignorant and didn't take his words seriously. During the night, supernatural occurrences took place. Ghostly apparitions led to the disappearance of Lachu, and a series of bizarre and eerie events unfolded.
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