The Untamed: Living Dead

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1 h 23 m
Chinese MainlandChinese fantasyDramaCostume


Located near Qishan, Fufeng Town had been known as “Small-sized Nevernight”. Long time ago, the town had been brilliantly illuminated and bustling at night because of festival lanterns. But currently, it was enveloped in the dark and the legend went that someone would be killed once lanterns were lit up. The protagonist Wen Ning noticed many anomalies as soon as he entered the town. Only old, weak, sick and disabled people were seen here. It was a scene of desolation and ruin. As night fell, Wen Ning lit up lanterns on purpose and a figure showed up. Wen Ning was about catch it when a blue flash of swords approached. The figure took the opportunity to run away. Looking up, Wen Ning saw a familiar figure rush in from outdoors. It’s Lan Sizhui, one of his old acquaintances and a member of the Lan clan.
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