The Sorcery Master

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In the early years of the Tiancheng period, Lin Jian, with the help of the "Juggling Master" Red Clothes, subdued the Jiu Zhou region and Red Clothes was revered as a national teacher, establishing the Yunji Society to cultivate "Juggling Masters". Several years later, Lin Jian fell ill and lay bedridden, and the second prince Lin Guang conspired with the imperial secretary Lin Su to usurp the throne. To get rid of the big troublemaker Red Clothes, Lin Su successfully bribed Red Clothes' disciple Zhou Fang and learned of the whereabouts of the "Yunji Record" which recorded the Juggling technique. Xiang Bai, a young man from Longyou Town, aspired to become a Juggling Master and had depended on Cai Ying and his mother Loyalty since childhood. Zhou Fang came to Longyou Town to look for the "Yunji Record" but failed. He accidentally discovered Cai Ying, who looked like Red Clothes, and planned to abduct her. The hidden master Loyalty fought fiercely with Zhou Fang and died, instructing Xiang Bai to find Red Clothes before passing away. Xiang Bai went to the Yunji Society to find Cai Ying and unexpectedly met Gongshu Pan, the descendant of Lu Ban. Meanwhile, Lin Su and others were brewing a shocking conspiracy in which Cai Ying would impersonate Red Clothes.
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