The mystery of Qutan Temple

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Qutan temple is the most integrate architectural complex of Ming Dynasty Royal Style preserved in the four districts of Northwest China at present, which has a high reputation in history,The plaque, Buddhist hall and stele have been renovated for many times over the year, which created great influence as well. Sanluo Lama, an eminent monk from Qinghai Lake, went to see emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and asked the emperor to give him a name for his small Buddhist hall. Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang gave a plaque written "Qutan Temple" to the Buddhist hall built by sanluo Lama. Four years after emperor Zhu Yunwen (emperor Jianwen) ascended the throne, the king of Yan, Zhu Di, fought for the imperial power on the ground of "Qing emperor's side"Emperor Jianwen fled to today's Qutan temple and followed sanluo Lama to practice.
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