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The King of Xixia has a treasured outfit "Bi Luo". According to the legend, "Bi Luo" can help mortals to rise to immortality. On the birthday of Emperor Song, Xixia presented it as a congratulatory gift. That made the King of Liang feel greedy and he proceeded to put on the outfit. What he didn't expect was his soul to be sucked away the moment he put it on in front of everyone's eyes, and passed on. Emperor Song was furious and ordered Song Ci to inquire about the truth. Whether Xixia was conspiring to rebel, or whether it was really the treasured outfit sucking souls. During Song Ci's investigation process, people were killed by the treasured outfit one after another. The case is full of twists and turns. Is the treasure robe "Bi Luo" a celestial robe that can help others, or an evil thing that entices people's souls, or is human nature comparable to ghosts? Song Ci was faced with a dangerous case, pressured by various forces, will he be able to break through the fog and see the sky. See how he solves the case and clear the air.
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