The Man's Secret

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1 h 24 m
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During the Yonghui period of the Tang Dynasty, the celestial phenomena are abnormal and the people are struggling to make ends meet. Sitian Jian is ordered to pray for rain, but unexpectedly, chaos is rampant. His actions attract a thousand demons to descend into the world, and in an instant, a sea of blood flows across the Dao Tai. Under the heavy pressure of the court, the Heavenly Supervisor Gao Shengyao is forced to use the mysterious death row prisoner Dugu (played by Simon Yam) to investigate the case. At this time, rumors envelope Chang'an and demons rise and the ghost night market hidden underground emerges. The demons and water ghosts who were hidden for many years reappear and cause chaos and stir trouble, making the case even more complicated and confusing. It seems that the omniscient Snake Scorpion Beauty has become Du Gu's target, but the outwardly righteous Du Gu seems to have an unknown dark past…
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