The Love Proposal

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Trinuch a pretty art teacher got to know Time, an arrogant and annoyed man because of the accident that happened to Trinuch’s student. This made Time to be impressed with her. He came to see her more often and Trinuch started to grow a good feeling for him as well. However, Time was afraid to tell Trinuch that he loved her because he still couldn’t forget his former love with Marisa. Trinuch decided to get married with Thuch, an LGBTQ brother urgently needed to get married and had children. It was the only way for Thuch to keep his position as president. Time met Trinuch again as a bride-to-be of Thuch but he needed to keep his emotion and kept Thuch’s secret away from Orachun. and Chane, Thuch’s ex-boyfriend got involved because he was aiming for reputation and money. Watch The Love Proposal rerun online new episode on iQiyi and
Episodes 1-15
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