The Legendary Hero Is Dead!

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12 Episodes


The anime "The Legendary Hero Is Dead!" is based on the manga "The Hero is Dead! Because the Hero Fell into My Trap I Laid as a Villager" by author Shion. The story follows Toka Scott (voiced by Kato Sho), a village farmer who accidentally kills the hero Siegfried Brehmer (voiced by Tsuchi Junichi) after he fell into a trap Toka set up. To cover up the evidence, Toka buries the body, but the next day, he finds himself in Siegfried's body after being possessed by the necromancer Anri Herzvas (voiced by Takada Ayana), who was a former companion of Siegfried. Toka is then threatened to take on the role of the hero to save the world, and together with his childhood friend Yuna Yumina (voiced by Yamamura Hibiki), they embark on an adventure to seal the Gate of Hell and prevent demons from invading the world. The series will begin airing on the international site of iQIYI (iQ.com) on April 7th.
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Episodes 1-12
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