The Legend of Zu

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1 h 31 m


Baize and Lingfeng are disciples of Kunlun Sect. One day, they stray into a secret realm and acquire the halidoms, the Haotian Mirror and the Supreme Evil Magic. Later, Lingfeng’s practice of the evil magic is discovered. Both of them are expelled to the mortal world, the Baima Town, where they meet their lovers, Youyou and Yunmeng. They intend to spend the rest of their life there happily. Unexpectedly, the disciples from Kunlun Sect find them. Yunmeng gets killed in the chaos. To revenge on Kunlun, Lingfeng practices the evil magic hard and brutally kills their Master, breaking up with Baize. Baize gets depressed due to the tragedy. Under the help of Youyou, Baize finally bestirs himself. Holding Haotian Mirror, he fights against Lingfeng at the peak of Kunlun for justice. Ultimately, he defeats Lingfeng and establishes Shushan Sect.
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