The House of the Fairy Fox: Season 2

details | The House of the Fairy Fox: Season 2

12 Episodes


The story takes place in He'ling City during the period of war, where Xiao Moran, a young merchant, is unfortunately involved in a murder case. On his way to seek the truth, he befriends Bai Qi, a city security who is actually a descendant of the fox tribe, and inadvertently discovers the plot of Jin Chuan, a Yin-Yang master. He also encounters his beloved, Chen Xiaojun, the daughter of the commander. Jin Chuan sets up a trap to force Xiaojun to act upon as he poisons Moran. Xiao Qisheng, the adopted son of the Xiao family, hates his father and colludes with the warlord Commander Chen to kill him and frame Xiao Moran. Jin Chuan sets up a trap and steals a secret treasure. Jin Chuan, who has improved his magic power, wants to subdue Bai Qi to get the whereabouts of the sacred son of the fox and the purple seal divine stone. The life and death of He'ling City is being suspended.
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