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“Fearless" is an urban women legal drama directed by Zhao Jintao ("Red") and Tan Jiayan ("Ordinary Greatness"), and written by Zhao Dongling ("Ordinary Greatness"). The leading actors include Rayza ("The Longest Day In Chang'an"), Wang Yang ("Joy of Life: Season 1”) and Chuai Ni ("The First Half of My Life”). Luo Yingzi (played by Rayza) never dreamed that her smooth-sailing life of 28 years would actually fall into the gutter. It is the day of her husband Liu Ming's thirtieth birthday and she has obtained her lawyer's qualification certificate. Thinking it would be a good day, she thoughtfully prepares a feast, but waits at home all night in vain. It turns out that Liu Ming left her and went overseas with her best friend Wenli (played by Cheng Zi), abandoning all her past kindness. He even took away all their joint owned property, leaving her with only an insurmountable debt. Liu Ming's betrayal is like a heavy stone, shattering Luo Yingzi's beautiful life in an instant. She tightly grasps onto her thread of hope, her newly-obtained lawyer's qualification certificate, and enters Liangcheng Law Firm alone, becoming a new lawyer and bravely advancing on the path filled with obstacles. This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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