The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

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The intention of the project is to make more people laugh without the burden of dark storyline and heavy characters. "Min Youtan was reincarnated repeatedly because he named a nameless child after a god, Dongbaek. On the other hand, Dongbaek forgets the memories of his previous life and was reborn as another person. After several hundred years, on Min Youtan's fourth reincarnation, and possibly the last reincarnation, Seol Dongbaek was reincarnated as a man in his 20s, not the girl he was back then. Apparently, Youtan can only escape this curse by pouring all his love to Dongbaek..." Two people keeps getting reincarnated, but only one remembers what happened back then... Through the story of two people who keep reincarnating and trying to love each other, this drama conveys the importance of loving each other at the current moment.
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Episodes 1-10