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During the tumultuous period at the end of the Shang Dynasty, King Wu led the Zhou forces to attack the Shang Dynasty. After several clashes, the Shang Dynasty found themselves retreating as they faced the relentless assaults of the Zhou military commander Yang Jian. King Zhou of Shang was furious and sought a way to counter Yang Jian's influence, offering substantial rewards. However, the strategist Shen Gongbao advised against it and suggested recruiting skilled leaders. The plan was to bring the Meishan Seven Heroes into the fold. Yuan Hong, the leader of the Meishan Seven Heroes, was as proficient as Yang Jian in the mystical arts, capable of seventy-two transformations, and well-versed in various sorceries. He possessed exceptional martial skills, excelling in wielding an iron staff, and had the qualities of a great general, along with the ability to travel long distances in a single day. King Zhou believed this was an excellent plan and instructed Shen Gongbao to set out immediately for Meishan. Shen Gongbao disregarded King Zhou's tyranny and often sought support from fellow practitioners and exceptional individuals from different regions, rallying them to help the Shang Dynasty defeat the Zhou Dynasty and maintain Shang's rule. King Zhou held Shen Gongbao in high regard. With Yang Jian leading the Zhou forces and Yuan Hong leading the Shang forces, a fierce conflict began.
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