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Chinese MainlandRomanceComedyFriendship
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The mathematics department sophomore who is low-key yet extremely good at studying, Lu Yeqi has an identity that is not known to others – a professional shoujo manhua artist. But as a science student, he actually lacks a certain knowledge of shoujo manhuas. Lu Yeqi originally dreamed of becoming a shonen manhua artist, but by mistake embarked on the road of shoujo manhua. Out of his love for manhua, he is determined to carry out his dream to the end. The girl who had a crush on him, Zuo Qiandai, was dragged into his comic team by mistake after her unsuccessful confession. After getting to know Qiandai, he was given new inspiration to create manhua, and as the two of them go on to spend even more time together, he found a new passion for creation. As the manhua team continues to expand and stabilize, new opportunities and challenges come one after another. Faced with all the unknown difficulties, the team members experience confusion, doubts and quarrels, and finally fought together to become a very cohesive manhua team. They trust and support each other. In the small studio, stories about youth, friendship and dreams are being told everyday.