The ancient City of Loulan

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At the beginning of the last century, the ruins of the ancient city of Loulan were discovered, leading explorers from all over the world to explore for treasures, and countless precious cultural relics were excavated by foreign treasure theft groups. Chen Xiao, an explorer, has been working hard to stop the bandits from destroying the monuments and stealing national treasures, so he is regarded as a thorn in the flesh of many bandits. In an escape from the bandits, Chen Xiao mistakenly entered an area that has never been set foot in, this place is the legendary "Mirage City." In order to protect this mysterious ancient city and its treasures, Chen Xiao roped in his good friends, Nazha who possesses the ancient map made from sheepskin and wild survival expert Niqiu to help. They gather to set on the journey to protect the national treasure. At the same time, the transnational thief Guanggu Dachao also got the news of "Mirage City," and quickly organized a large number of people, ready to rob the tomb. The group of treasure robbers ran into the group of treasure guards, both sides launched a fierce firefight. During the struggle, the mystery of the tomb was unveiled.
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