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"Dragon City" is a TV series directed by Lin Yan, starring Ma Yili, Bai Yu, Liu Lin, Liu Lulin, Gao Xin, and Shi Ke. Adapted from the trilogy "Xijue," "Dongni," and "Nanyin" by Dia An, the story revolves around the Zheng family's three cousins who grew up together. Zheng Dongni (Ma Yili) is rebellious and longs to leave her hometown, Dragon City. Before moving to Germany, she attempts to break up her cousin Zheng Xijue's (Bai Yu) relationship with his girlfriend Chen Yan (Wang Weiwei) and takes him with her. Zheng Xijue was raised by his uncle and aunt after his parents died. He wants to stay in Dragon City to repay the family. After experiencing a heart-wrenching breakup, Zheng Xijue finds comfort in Jiang Yi (Liu Lu). Zheng Dongni's marriage to Dr. Fang Jinghui (Tu Songyan) falls apart, and they fight for custody of their child, which extends to Dragon City. After her father's illness and mother's death, Zheng Dongni relies on Zheng Xijue's care. Meanwhile, their cousin Zheng Nanyin (Li Tingting) rebels against her perfect family and gets married early, but she finds herself constantly seeking comfort from her extended family after encountering problems in her marriage. The three cousins come from different family backgrounds but have to face their respective struggles while dealing with the "bill" from their family imprints. In the end, they learn the true meaning of family and growth through the seemingly useless love and protection given by Zheng Xijue.
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