Super Daddy

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1 h 28 m
Chinese MainlandActionComedyMartial Arts


Wang Zi steps into middle age full of martial arts skills and dreams of becoming an actor. His career hasn't taken off, and his wife, Mo Xi, is about to remarry a wealthy businessman, Gao Yang, and move abroad with their daughter, Xiao Ke. Wang Zi unexpectedly takes on the performance job at Gaoyang's "Exoskeleton" press conference and witnesses Xiao Ke being "kidnapped" during the rehearsal for the conference. It turns out that the exoskeleton was invented by Gao Yang's business partner, Bao, but Gao Yang illegally took possession of it. To expose Gao Yang's lies, Bao plans to reclaim his prototype, but the controller is locked on Xiao Ke. Bao is left with no choice but to bring her back to his lab. Wang Zi and Mi Xi regroup and set out on the road to rescue Xiao Ke. After a thrilling and dangerous highway chase, Wang Zi arrives at Bao's lab and learns the whole story. He decides to join forces to reveal Gao Yang's true nature. In the end, with the perfect combination of martial arts and technology, and the teamwork of Wang Zi and Mi Xi, they successfully uncover Gao Yang's conspiracy, while also resolving the years-long estrangement between the couple.
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