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24 Episodes
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"A girl and fairy guided by the sugar apples. A glimmery fairy tale spun upon their dreams and love. This is a world where humans use fairies and where candy is believed to bring about good fortune. There, a special candy crafter that crafts the venerated candy is called ""Silver Sugar Master."" Anne, a girl whose late mother was a revered Silver Sugar Master, decides to inherit the craft and become Silver Sugar Master herself. To do that, she should prove her crafting skill at the royal capital's Royal Candy Fair. On the way to the royal capital city, she employed a warrior fairy named Challe as her bodyguard. Although Challe's ability as a warrior is true, he has a foul mouth and distrusts humans, thus, clashes with Anne are inevitable. However, as she continues her journey with Challe, Anne starts to desire friendship. Overcoming the differences in species and social standing as well as complicated circumstances, what kind of future will the human Anne and fairy Challe come to?"""

Also Known As:

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2, Kisah dongeng gula-gula epal
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Episodes 1-24
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