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The Chinese drama "Story of Kunning Places" is based on Shi Jing's novel "Kunning," directed by Zhu Ruibin. The cast includes Bai Lu ("Ordinary Greatness," "One and Only") , Zhang Linghe ("Love Between Fairy and Devil," "Flourish in Time"), and Wang Xingyue ("Delicacies Destiny"). Jiang Xuening (played by Bai Lu), cunningly becomes queen but is forced to commit suicide during a palace upheaval. Her dream is to escape power and control her life. But somehow, she became a study mate in the palace, the student of Imperial Tutor Xie Wei (played by Zhang Linghe). They strategically save the Yan family from the "Blood Crown Ceremony" crisis. After the turmoil, Jiang Xuening becomes involved in a plan to eliminate rebels. She and Zhang Zhe (played Wang Xingyue) infiltrate the enemy camp, but they can't stay together. As the State of Yue invades, Princess Shen Zhiyi (played Liu Xiening) pursues a diplomatic marriage. To rescue her friend, Jiang Xuening joins Xie Wei in a campaign against Da Yue. Amid crises, Xie Wei protects Jiang Xuening at great cost, and a romantic bond develops. A larger conspiracy emerges, revealing the truth of events involving the Southern Prince twenty years ago. Jiang Xuening and Xie Wei join forces, uncover the truth, and their love prevails. The series will be available on iQIYI International (iq.com).
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