Star Struck

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The only place where two poor teenagers can relax is the amusement park under the starry night sky. Hanjun originally thought he was the only one looking up at the stars there, unaware that there were others in the same space. Hanjun greeted him, and the other child responded with a "hello." Under the star-filled night sky, the two lonely and impoverished teenagers, Hanjun and Yujae, met like this. After Hanjun and Yujae first met in junior high school, they both entered the same high school and were striving to get into the same university. With the charming Yoon Chaeyoung, the cautious Park Junghwan, and Lee Ingyu, who was fully devoted to studying. They spent intense daily lives together as high school seniors. But Hanjun always felt that he had the most fun and happiness when he was with Yujae. Therefore, one day Hanjun realized that the feelings in his heart were more than just friendship, but something else... One day, Yoon Chaeyoung, who had been secretly in love with Yujae, decided to confess. Hanjun became confused upon hearing this news. Realizing his true feelings, Hanjun decided to sort out his own emotions... For one teenager, it was a unique friendship, but for the other teenager, it was a unique love. Like shining stars, their youth story unfolds from here...
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Episodes 1-8