Spirit Puppet

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Ten years ago, Zhang Luzhi, the young general of the Dashuai Mansion, was mysteriously murdered. The servant who was guarding the funeral hall saw the coffin lid open on its own, and a wooden puppet hand reached out of the coffin, scaring everyone away. However, when they returned to the funeral hall, they found that the coffin lid had not moved. Meanwhile, the commander of the mansion who was smoking in the inner room was approached by a puppet and died on the spot, causing the decline of the mansion. Ten years later, a theatrical performer named Shi Jia obtained a rare wooden puppet. Since the puppet arrived in the house, Shi Jia's girlfriend Yu Bi often saw the puppet's figure in various corners of the house, but the puppet never seemed to have moved. She thought she was hallucinating until Shi Jia was hung on the roof like a puppet and died mysteriously. To uncover the truth about Shi Jia's murder, the police officer Chao Yuan and Yu Bi investigate the puppet, leading them to the Dashuai Mansion from ten years ago. A sudden assassination pushes the conflict to its peak, but it turns out to be just the beginning of someone's revenge...
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