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Korean drama "Sing My Crush" is produced by the same team behind "Blooming." Baram, the frontman of the band Ddara Baram, learned from the painful failure of his first love that he should be cautious with his feelings and is now a decisive person. During his high school days, he met Hantae at a guitar training class, and due to a certain event, she developed feelings for him, becoming both his good friend and manager. In truth, Baram's feelings for Hantae have already surpassed friendship, but he has not shown it. One day, when Baram becomes embroiled in a plagiarism controversy and his attitude becomes extremely negative, Hantae decides to help him in his own way. The drama is set to premiere exclusively on the international platform of iQIYI (iQ.com) on August 2nd.

Also Known As:

Ddara Baram, Follow The Wind
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