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What makes you game? For every 100 amazing games, there are a thousand that are pure crap. This is the story of Rakuro Hizutome, a man who loves, and is loved by, crappy video games, and his journey in the world of Shangri-La Frontier, one of the greatest video games of all time. The original web novel has over 500 million pageviews, and is unique in that a manga adaptation was begun before the web novel story was released in print. It also has the honor of being the first manga in Shonen Magazine’s sixty-plus years of history to win the quadruple reader survey crown! Shangri-La Frontier takes gaming experiences that everyone can relate to and uses them to create an entirely new type of fantasy story. It’s a story that will bring new adventure and excitement to both adults who can relive their old memories, and young people at the forefront of technology. The ultimate "Game x Fantasy" story, about a "crappy game hunter" who challenges one of the greatest games ever made!
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Episodes 1-10
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