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"See You Again" is a romance drama set in the Republic of China directed by Wang Feng ("Battle on Shang Ganlin"), starring Hu Yidian ("Go Go Squid," "My Roommate is a Detective") and Chen Yuqi ("Ashes of Love") as the leads, with Wang Tianchen ("Enemy"), Bai Bing ("Winter Begonia") and Liu Yitong ("Love the Way You Are") as the supporting roles. This drama tells the romantic and hilarious story of the Republican film star Xiang Qinyu, who meets the 21st century rookie screenwriter Jin A Yin, and the two of them start to live together across time and space with very different personalities. In the 1930s, the Republican movie star Xiang Qin Yu (played by Hu Yitian) was accidentally shot on the set and time traveled to the modern world! Here, he started his sweet romance with small time screenwriter Jin A Yin (played by Chen Yuqi). At the same time, he continues to seek for the truth behind his fatal reincarnation, and the truth behind him being shot...... This drama will be broadcasted online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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