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Animation "Sabikui Bisuko" (2022) is adapted from the Japanese light novel "Sabikui Bisuko" written by Shinji Tukubo and illustrated by Akagan K. A 24th Dengeki Novel Award Silver Award (2017)-winning work, it also ranked first in "Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!'s" literary and new works category in 2019, and third in the literary category of the Light novel favorite bookstore clerk grand prize 2019. The story tells the "wind of rust" that appeared in modern Japan, and centered on the explosion hole in Tokyo as it blows and spreads all over Japan, weathering everything and destroying civilization. The reason for the appearance of the wind of rust is unknown. In order to survive, human beings have built high windbreakers on the borders of counties, and sieges have become the norm in Japan. Tokyo, Saitama and other cities that once prospered have become places where humans cannot survive, such as the "North Saitama Iron Desert". The wind of rust can also cause humans to suffer from the incurable disease "rust disease". Bisco Akaboshi is the "Mushroom Protector", who is also known as the "Man-Eating Mushroom". In order to seek the legendary elixir "rust" that can cure the disease, he and his master Jabi traveled from Gunma to Hama. The play is directed by Atsushi Itagaki ("Steins;Gate", "Vinland Saga") and Daisuke Masaga ("ID:INVADED"), starring Suzuki Kantai, Hanae Natsuki, Kondo Rena and Tomita Miyu. The OP of this drama is "Wind no Sound" sung by JUNNA, and the ED is "Roar" sung by Suzuki Kantai & Hanae Natsuki. The drama will be broadcast online on iQIYI's International Site ( on January 10, 2022, with one episode updating every Monday at 23:35.

Also Known As

Sabikui Bisco
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