Romance with Blind Master

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15 Episodes


Ruan Qingtian's stepmother secretly signed a contract for her to become an assistant to an aloof CEO, Ren Haoming. What's worse, this president is also a blind man with a horrible temper; what's even worse, Ruan Qingtian has a deep-rooted history with this man! Ruan Qingtian is forced to stay by Ren Haoming's side to be tortured by him! However, the gods of fate favored the kind-hearted Ruan Qingtian, and over time, Ren Haoming and her fell in love. Although, when Ren Haoming finally recovered his eyesight through surgery and looked for Ruan Qingtian to get married, Ruan Qingtian was switched by his sister Ruan Xinxin, and as a result, Ren Hao Ming and Ruan Xinxin got engaged instead. Ruan Qingtian can only secretly care for Ren Haoming, but to Ren Haoming she's but a vixen...
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