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Road Home is a drama directed by Yu Cuihua (Crush, Eternal Love), along with scriptwriter Mobaofeibao (My Sunshine), starring Jin Boran (Up in the Wind, Monster Hunt) and Tan Songyun (With You). The drama is based on a novel of the same name by Mobaofei bao. It tells the story of investment director Gui Xiao who reunites with bomb tech police officer Lu Yan Chen after ten years. The two of them hit it off and find their way back to loyalty and faith. The two are each other's first loves, but after graduating from college, Lu Yan Chen went to another country to become a special forces police officer, and at the same time, their family went though a change, so their love ended without a hitch. Ten years later, the two of them reunite and find that they can't repress their longing for each other and get close to each other again. But the news that Lu Yan Chen's parents had arranged a marriage for him detracts the couple, and Lu Yan Chen made a decisive choice, understanding that he had only Gui Xiao in his heart from the beginning. After the wedding, Lu Yan Chen was injured during a mission and fell into a coma. The pregnant Xiao Gui rushed to Lu Yan Chen's side and gave birth to her daughter in the frontier city that Lu Yan Chen had been guarding for ten years. The family of three is reunited safely and lives a happy life. The drama will be broadcasted online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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