Rent-a-Girlfriend S2

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Kazuya Kinoshita, a useless college student, meets Chizuru Mizuhara, a cute and innocent "girlfriend for rent," and lies to his family and friends that Chizuru is his "girlfriend." But around him is also his evil ex-girlfriend, Asami Nanami, who is always making weird advances; his temporary girlfriend, Rukia Koshiko, who sometimes seems to be tough and aggressive; the girlfriend for rent junior, Rukia Sakurazawa, who is extremely scared of people she is not close to but strong and hardworking; a bunch of super cute "girlfriends!" A party, a sea bath, a trip to a hot spring, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Through the various events, Kazuya gradually falls in love with Chizuru. At that moment, Chizuru makes a confession that shakes up their relationship ......! "I'm thinking of quitting being a girlfriend for rent," the second season is also a series that would make your heart race! The "real" and "splendid" love life with "girlfriends" is about to start again!
Episodes 1-24
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