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"Four Seas" is a period martial arts fantasy drama directed by Wen Deguang ("Story of Yanxi Palace"). It stars Jing Tian ("Rattan"), Zhang Linghe ("Love Between Fairy and Devil"), Guan Hong ("Meteor Garden"), and Chang Long ("New Life Begins") in leading roles. The drama is adapted from the novel "I Have Three Dragon Childhood Sweethearts" by Yidai Xue and tells the story of a young girl named Nanyan who enters the world of immortals to save her mother and accidentally forms a fateful bond with a "heart lock." The story revolves around Nanyan (played by Jing Tian), a skilled doctor who is forced to embark on a journey in the world of immortals to save her mother. Through a series of coincidences, she forms a mystical connection called the "Spiritual Connection Seal" with the enigmatic Emperor Ji Yang (played by Zhang Linghe), who conceals his true identity. Nanyan is practical and down-to-earth, while Ji Yang is aloof and mysterious, embodying the essence of a true immortal. Initially, the two dislike each other, but as they investigate Nanyan's mother's illness, they become entangled in a conspiracy within the world of immortals. "Four Seas" will be exclusively available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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Tonton Kemudian
Tonton Kemudian
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