Quick Counterattack

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1 h 23 m
Chinese MainlandCrimeActionPolice & Criminal


In a small seaside town, criminal groups rely on online fraud and violence to develop a cybercrime supply chain involving illegal online loans, pornography, gambling and prostitution. Due to the virtuality and crypticity of the Internet, the police have been looking for opportunities to uproot the criminal groups while making breakthroughs one by one. At the same time, Ma Xudong, who has been engaged in security work abroad for many years, returns to China to look for people who are deeply involved in "online loans”. His daughter, whose whereabouts are unknown, faces the vicious criminal group, and the police and Ma Xudong start a life-and-death game with the criminals, eventually discovering and destroying the black cybercrime supply chain. Ma Xudong and his daughter are finally reunited. Crime is eliminated, justice is upheld, and the small town’s mornings have become peaceful and refreshing!
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