Qinling Town Tiancoffins

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1 h 9 m
Chinese MainlandMysteryThrillerAdventure


In the early years of the Republic of China, a meteorite fell from the sky and landed in the Qinling Mountains, uncovering an unexpected and mysterious ancient tomb. Rumors spread that the tomb held priceless treasures. At that time, warlords ruled the land, and to acquire the hidden treasures for military funding, Commander Tang swiftly ordered the area to be sealed off. In society, there were those who sought personal gain at the expense of their country, as well as individuals who were willing to work tirelessly for their nation. Ma Jiuchuan, a disciple of Cui Xianling, was one such person. Under Commander Tang's command, his deputy Qin Tian forcibly intruded into Cui Xianling's home, pressuring Ma Jiuchuan to lead them to the tomb. As Ma Jiuchuan and his companions approached the Tiankeng near the Qinling Mountains, another group arrived simultaneously—the Japanese, led by General Eguchi. In their pursuit of the tomb's treasures, everyone harbored sinister intentions. Enduring miraculous phenomena and mortal dangers within the tomb, they finally laid eyes on the coveted treasure they had longed for. The ugliness of the warlords and the Japanese was fully revealed in that moment.
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