Pretty Guardian of the City

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26 Episodes


The Luo family was framed by criminals for possessing a mysterious phoenix chi, and the family was destroyed, leaving behind an orphaned daughter, Luo Xiyun, who was born with a fetal poison. Eight years later, Luo Xiyun becomes the most popular folk surveyor in Cang Yue City, selling public opinion maps and mapping drawings for a living. Given her poison, she has only three months left to live. She is determined to complete the goal of assassinating the young city master Jiang Chao Xi before she dies, in order to avenge her brother's death. At this time, the final bit of warmth to her, Jianjia Lane, is about to be demolished because of city planning. Luo Xiyun, in order to ensure that the folks have a place to live, mobilize all their talents to make a version of a city plan which would bypass Jianjia Lane. She anonymously approach Jiang Chaoxi to become his guests, only to accidentally learn that the brother who was in coma was hidden in the house. She also discovered the shocking secret of Jiang Chaoxi's life. With time, the two of them have grown fond of each other during the process of getting along, and just when they are in love, Luo Xiyun is again in danger due to the exposure of his true identity......
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