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“Our Interpreter” is an urban emotional drama directed by Zhang Tong, starring the main leads Victoria Song ("Luoyang") and Chen Xingxu (“Goodbye My Princess”), and others such as Fei Qiming ("Under the Microscope"), Lin Zilu, and Yu Shasha (“Grandma’s New World”). Lin Xi (played by Song Qian), the "witch" in the translation industry, reunites with her ex-boyfriend Xiao Yicheng (played by Chen Xingxu). Eight years ago, in order to fulfill her mother's unfinished career dream, Lin Xi reluctantly broke up with Xiao Yicheng and became a professional interpreter for the United Nations. Eight years later, Lin Xi is already Huasheng’s youngest chief interpreter expert and “Queen of Performance,” while Xiao Yicheng has also become the chief technology officer of Translation World, becoming Lin Xi’s potential client. In order to land Xiao Yicheng's contract, Lin Xi has to "deal with" Xiao Yicheng. As an interpreter, Lin Xi also uses her expertise to help Xiao Yicheng's company go public. On the surface, this process is Xiao Yicheng's revenge on Lin Xi. In actuality, not only is he unable to be cruel to her, but he also shows mercy to her at all times. Through working and spending time together, their once-passionate relationship is rekindled. Xiao Yicheng gradually understands the truth about why Lin Xi broke up with him, and also sees how Lin Xi works towards her dream gradually. He chooses to support her in the pursuit of her dream, encouraging her and accompanying her when she is at her lowest point. The two go from estrangement and misunderstanding to mutual understanding and achievement. In the end, the lovers finally have a happy ending and realize their professional dream of "speaking for the country." This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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